Things Every New Atlanta Resident Needs to Try After Settling In

It’s been called A-Town, the Big Peach, and ATL, for its airport code. Atlanta, the largest city in the South, is where it’s happening. If you’re lucky enough to be moving to the Atlanta area, here are some great places to go and some things to that you don’t want to miss from Cheap Movers Atlanta (moving services Atlanta, GA).

1. Calling all Sports Fanatics

If you’re into sports, then you’ll be in heaven when you move to Atlanta. You can take in a different game every week, watching the Braves, the Falcons, the Hawks, the Dream, and the Blaze. And if college sports are your thing, watching the UGA Bulldogs compete against their rival, George Tech, will be one of the highlights of your first Fall in A-Town.

2. It’s The Real Thing

Coca-Cola opened its doors way back in 1886 in Atlanta. For more than 100 years, they’ve been making America’s most popular soda pop. Don’t miss touring the World of Coca-Cola. This museum, which scores big points with all age groups, features interactive exhibits, films – and of course Coca-Cola products.


3. Celebrating Olympic Years Past

In the summer of 1996, ‚ÄéMuhammad Ali carried the Olympic torch as Atlanta was host to the XXVI Olympiad, often called the Centennial Olympics Games. These days, residents and visitors alike can spend time at Centennial Olympic Park, enjoying the Fountain of Rings and awesome water gardens and walking paths. Dogs are allowed, so feel free to bring Lassie along for some exercise. For more information, check out the Park’s official website here.

4. Under the Deep Blue Sea

Though Atlanta isn’t on the coast, get a good look down under when you spend a day at the Georgia Aquarium. This popular attraction is one of the largest aquariums on the whole planet with more than 100,000 different species and a whopping 10 million gallons of water. (Just be glad you don’t have to pay that water bill!) To save a little money though, opt for their Early Bird or Imagination Nights tickets. Get the details on the Georgia Aquarium website.


5. Honoring the King

Pay tribute to social justice! Earlier this year, on January 8, 2018, the historical site honoring the civil rights leader was officially designated a national park. The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park celebrates King’s legacy and features Ebenezer Baptist Church (where both MLK Jr. and his father served as pastors), as well as King’s boyhood home. Don’t miss the International Civil Rights Walk of Fame and the “I Have a Dream” International World Peace Rose Garden.

6. Conspiracy Theory, or Not?

Only a little more than an hour outside of Atlanta in Elbert County (on the way to Athens) stands the mysterious Georgia Guidestones. Often referred to as the American Stonehenge, this mysterious granite monument was erected in 1980. Inscribed with ten guidelines in eight languages, the five-slab structure stands 750 feet above sea level. Although its authors are anonymous, for the last four decades people have speculated (and disagreed) about the references to eugenics and population control that are included on the monument. Decide for yourself.

This article has only scratched the surface of everything that lies ahead as you make your big move to the Big Peach. Enjoy!

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